Hey! I'm Noya.

Here's a quick shpiel about me:

Creating content is my happy place...

… which is probably why I have been writing professionally for a really, really long time. How long? At the risk of sounding a bit dinosaurish (I prefer “profoundly experienced”), let’s just say that when I started my career, there were no smartphones yet (only dumb ones), Ace of Base’s “The Sign” was the year’s top single on the Billboard chart, and chatting on ICQ was the latest ‘cool new thing’ to do online. Actually, being online was kind of brand new too (I’m a Gen Xer, okay??).
Noya Lizor - I'm all about creating standout content that helps businesses grow

The TL;DR version of my professional history

I started my career as an ad agency Copywriter at MOJO (now part of Publicis) in Sydney, Australia. Being a newbie to “Ad Land” and determined to impress, I was in my office one evening trying to ‘crack a brief’, when my Creative Director walked past and spotted me, poked his head in and shared a gem that stayed with me ever since. He said “Your office is up here,” tapping his finger to the top of his forehead, “Go home”.
He meant that Creatives don’t always need to be in an office to get their creative juices flowing, because you can’t ‘force’ a flash of brilliance to come to you just because you’re sitting at a desk, staring at a blank page (or screen) and willing it to come. And he was so right! Even today some of my very best ideas come to me at the most unexpected of moments, and often nowhere near an office.
Since then, I’ve led a very eclectic career spanning over 20 years in publishing, advertising, business development and ‘content marketing’ (a broad term for a ‘one-woman-marketing-agency’ as far as I’m concerned). I also developed a very soft spot for email marketing during my time as a Copywriter & Head of Email Marketing at McCann Worldgroup Sydney, and remain a huge advocate for the power of permission-based email marketing to this day.
I’ve worked with brands both large and small in Australia and abroad and have written everything from slogans and micro-copy to epic E-books and entire websites.

And as much as I love words, I also really love visuals because I think they’re a super important aspect of impactful content. In fact, one of my more random hobbies is creating GIFs – which I pronounce with a hard ‘G’, by the way (as in ‘great’), not a soft ‘g’ (as in ‘giraffe’). If stands for ‘Graphics Interchange Format’ not ‘Jraphics Interchange Format’, so pronouncing it as ‘Jiff’ really makes no sense (just saying…).
But enough about me. Let’s talk about YOU!
I’m all about creating standout content that helps businesses grow,
so if YOU’RE in the market for blog posts, website copy, landing & sales pages, advertorials, E-books, newsletters etc. – here’s why you should work with me.

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