Adding Oomph to your emails: Visual Appeal

Ready to add some instant oomph to your marketing emails?
Email 3 of 7: Visual Appeal –
The results are in!
NOTE: The data on this page is based on an interactive poll from Email #3 in my 7-part subscriber-exclusive E-course on how to add instant oomph to your marketing emails. If you’ve arrived on this page accidentally and have no idea what’s going on, get clarity by subscribing to my newsletter.
Thanks for participating in this poll, designed to see whether people prefer to engage with marketing emails that look visually appealing (i.e. they have some sort of aesthetic design element or visuals) versus those that have virtually no design or graphical elements (i.e. plain text emails).
My contention is that marketing emails have a better chance of engaging subscribers if they ARE visually appealing. It not only makes for a more interesting user experience, but also allows you as a marketer to show off your brand and personality with added ‘oomph’ (adding ‘oomph’ helps you stand out in the Inbox and makes your brand more memorable).
Text vs. Visuals
I’m not saying that I’m anti-text. I’m a copywriter (foremostly) and words are the primary tools of my trade so I’m about as pro-text as you can get, and I concede that in some cases (depending on the purpose of the email) – sometimes plain text is the way to go. But I’m also a marketer, and there’s too much evidence to ignore about the fact that visuals help to boost engagement and stand out in a crowded attention economy, versus using text alone.

The point is that text – or rather, the message – is the main 'substance' of an email, but visuals enhance it and help it make more of an impact.

So if you’re sending marketing emails that are ugly or boring to look at and wondering why your engagement levels are low or whether your emails are performing “okay” when maybe they could be performing “amazingly”, you should consider oomphing up their visual appeal.

And now, on with the show!

Here’s the breakdown of those of my subscribers who prefer visually appealing emails versus those who prefer plain text:
I prefer visually appealing emails
I prefer plain text
See you next time!
See you in a couple of days with lesson #4, all about the importance of adding personality to your emails.
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