Today might just be the day you fall in LURVE with Email Metrics [E-book]

There’s a lot to love about email marketing.
One of the best things about it – and one of the many reasons Email kicks digital-marketing butt – is that it’s so measurable. These days, most decent ESPs (Email Service Providers / Platforms) offer analytics that are far more robust than other marketing channels, allowing marketers to use a variety of email metrics and reports to analyze campaign performance both on a ‘global’ and granular level, and use this data to optimize their emails on an ongoing basis.
And unlike social media where you don’t own your audience of followers, the data you acquire about people who subscribe to your mailing list is an asset that’s totally under your control.
Understandably, email marketing newbies may not fully understand what the various metrics mean or how to translate campaign results into actionable improvements for future campaigns.

If only they knew these key metrics more intimately, they might develop an affection for email marketing they never thought possible!

I know I did!
So in this E-book, I’m bringing sexy back (to Email Metrics).
I’ll introduce you to the most popular email metrics so you can get to know them up close and personal. Who knows? Today might just be the day you fall in LURVE with Email Analytics 😉

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