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The purpose of this form

The purpose of this form is to give me some preliminary info on who you are, what your company does and what type of content you’d like me to create for you. This will help me to:
  • Estimate the Scope of Work involved with your requirements so I can recommend the right solution and prepare a quote.
  • Understand your time frame/deadline for the work, to give me an idea of whether it’s feasible for me to take on your project given my existing commitments.
Tell me about your requirements
A couple of notes:
1) The budget ranges listed above are not an indication of the final price of your project. They are meant more as a guide for me to understand whether your proposed budget reflects a scope of work that’s realistic for me to achieve your requirements. If you have a set/limited budget and I can see that it will not cover the scope of work required to complete and deliver your project, I may be able to recommend a solution that is more suited to your budget.
If you have no idea how much your project is likely to cost or what sort of budget you should allocate to it and need more guidance from me, select the “$1,000-$3,000” option from the drop-down menu in Question #8 above and we’ll tweak it up or down (if necessary) once I have a better idea of your requirements.
2) When can you expect to hear back from me?
I make every effort to reply to inquiries as soon as possible, but please bear with me as my current workload may prevent me from responding as quickly as I’d (and you’d) like.
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