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If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of the questions above, you’re in the right place. Here’s why:

Your website and marketing copy are a reflection of your brand and your business. If they’re just “okay”, that’s what your potential customers will think YOU are too – and in today’s competitive market (no matter what industry you’re in) – “okay” just doesn’t cut it anymore.
If your goal is to inspire people to take action or fall in love with your brand, you need copy that’s not only going to resonate specifically with your target audience but also compel them to click, register, download, inquire, follow or buy – or simply move them further along the engagement funnel.
The fact you’re checking out my “work with me” page tells me you’re either curious (a.k.a. “just looking”) or seriously interested in creating high-quality content, which makes you ‘my kind of person’, and I know that this rare breed of discerning folks doesn’t grow on trees (unless you by some chance hail from the Korowai tribe where I imagine the locals are so driven to outdo each other, they’re practically eating each other alive).
So if you’re on the hunt for some new, kick-ass content for your business, I’m inviting you to end your copy ‘shopping expedition’ right here and hire ME to create it for you. Why? Because that’s my jam. I help brands find their voice, tell their story, strike a chord with their target audience, and nail their content strategy. I’m here to either elevate your existing content or even just take some of the load off so you can meet your copy deadlines without compromising on quality and having a nervous breakdown in the process.
Here’s what I can do for your business:
  • Branding: Finetune your brand’s story, sharpen your business messaging and tone of voice to create a clear, unique and memorable brand identity.
  • Website Copywriting: Create engaging website copy that showcases what your company does in a way that ‘wows’ the target audience, boosts conversions of potential customers and provides a seamless user experience for existing customers.
  • Content Writing: Blog posts, feature articles, case studies and Lead Magnets/E-books (one of my specialties!) – designed to position your brand as an authority in its niche, by informing, entertaining and providing value to readers so that they keep coming back for more.
  • Conversion Copywriting: Write persuasive sales copy, landing pages, ads and emails that compel readers into action.
et voilà! You now have a personal invitation from me – to you, to make some awesome content together (but mostly by me 😉 ).

Go on. I bet it’ll be the beginning of a beautiful copylationship.


Well it goes a little something like this:

1. As a first step, you fill out the Inquiry Form to give me a basic understanding of who you are, what your company does, what sort of copy you need me to write, what your budget is and what sort of turnaround (time frame) is required for the job. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for me to determine whether I’m able to deliver your project within the required time frame given my existing commitments.

If I don’t think I’m able to deliver the project within your specified time frame or because your specified budget won’t cover the scope of work I anticipate will be applicable for your requirements, I may be able to suggest an alternative solution that suits your turnaround time and budget. Either way, I’ll let you know.

If I feel I can deliver the project within your budget and time frame (even if they require a little tweaking) I’ll be in touch to find out more so we can get the show on the road.

2. Next, I’ll get you to fill out a Project Brief. This will tell me in a lot more detail exactly what your requirements are, which will help me estimate the Scope of Work and prepare a quote for the project. Typically I also like to schedule a chat to discuss it further, either face-to-face (if you’re in Sydney) or screen-to-screen if that makes more sense – just to triple-check that neither of us are weirdo psychopaths and to make sure we’re both on the same page 😊.

3. I’ll send you an updated version of the Project Brief based on our discussion which will also include anticipated delivery milestones (e.g. delivery dates for first draft, your feedback, further revision, approval, and delivery of final draft) and a price quotation for the project. After we’ve ironed out the Brief together and you’ve approved the quote…

4. I’ll send you my Services Agreement, which includes all of the ‘official’ mumbo-jumbo about my terms of service and payment. Once you’ve signed it and paid the relevant Engagement Fee to secure your booking, that’s when the fun starts! Well, for me, anyway.

5. I work my magic to write whatever it is you need me to write and submit the various drafts for your review as per the project milestones indicated in the Project Brief. You have a role to play here too, by the way, which is to provide feedback/approval by the dates indicated – to make sure the final product can be delivered by the originally agreed deadline.

6. I deliver the final product to you and we both break into an enthusiastic duet of I’ve Had the Time of My Life.

It depends on what you need! Here are a few things I can tell you right off the bat:

1. I charge a fixed price per project so once we’ve locked in the Project Brief (i.e. your requirements), you’ll know right from the beginning how much the whole thing will cost.

2. My quote typically includes:
  • Time allocated to briefing / meeting / discussing the project with you via phone / Skype / Zoom / etc.
  • Any research that may be required for me to be able to write knowledgeably about the topic.
  • Copywriting for the agreed number of pages/elements required.
  • If relevant to the project – creation and delivery of graphical elements.
  • Two rounds of revisions.
3. I’m more of a Mercedes than a Suzuki. Although I’m not the most expensive copywriter in the world, I’m not the cheapest either, so if you were hoping to work with someone who charges $40 per hour, you’ll have better luck in marketplaces like Upwork or Fiverr.

My rates are towards the upper-end of the copywriting spectrum, because what you get in return is copy written by someone with a career that’s spanned over 20 years in advertising, publishing, sales, and marketing. During that time, I have worked with a wide variety of brands from small startups to large corporates, so what you’re paying for if you choose to work with me – is the benefit of my experience.

Also, thanks to a background both as a Creative in advertising agencies and also in Sales & Business Development (in a variety of industries) – I’m uniquely qualified to tackle projects with an approach that’s both creative and business-minded. So in choosing to work with me you’re hiring someone who’s focused not only on delighting and engaging readers, but also on the business goals behind creating the content in the first place.

In short, I’m copper (watch this video ⇩ and it’ll make sense 😉).

Sure! Everything can be done remotely these days, and that’s how most freelancers work anyway. As long as you’re on Earth, it should be fine. I’m not licensed to work anywhere else in the galaxy (yet).
Most of my freelance work involves ghostwriting (content that’s officially credited to another person as the author), which means I’m unable to feature a portfolio on this website or link to specific examples of client work.

If you’d like to get a sense of my writing style and capabilities, feel free to check out my blog, and my (loooong) career history as a copywriter and content creator on LinkedIn.

And for the cherry on top, I’m also privileged to have a collection of testimonials from amazing folks who have worked with me (see below).

It’s because in UK English (which also applies in Australia), we spell words like ‘colour, behaviour, favourite’ etc. – with an ‘ou’, while in American English, the ‘u’ is dropped, so the words are spelled ‘color, behavior, favorite’ etc. If you’re curious to know why, check out this post by Grammar Girl’s Mignon Fogarty.

By default, I write using UK English, but I have also written using US English in the past, so if you prefer US English, that’s totally fine. 

Yikes! Stump me with a really hard question, why don’t ya… 😂

Look, I do love a beautifully moist banana muffin (especially when it’s right out of the oven), any kind of berry muffin, and obviously chocolate (duh!). But if you really forced me to choose, it’d have to be Apple (the chunky kind, preferably with a hint of cinnamon).

Having said that, I once had a Vanilla Crumble muffin. I can’t remember if I was dreaming it or if it was somewhere real, but it was hands down the best muffin I’ve ever eaten.
What folks are saying about working with me:
“Noya is a talented and creative writer who takes a lot of pride in her work and can always be relied on to deliver content of the highest quality. She’s great at getting to the crux of a brand’s ‘mission’ and presenting complex concepts in a way that’s easy to grasp, while always prioritizing the goals of whatever piece she’s writing. A true creative at heart, she approaches each piece in a way that will make whatever or whoever she’s writing on behalf of – shine, and in today’s competitive content landscape, that’s a truly valuable quality.”
Merav Meluban
Merav Meluban
Head of Marketing,
Viola Group
Hila Shitrit Nissim
Hila Shitrit Nissim
“Noya is a creative and thoughtful writer who understands the importance of copy in helping brands stand out. She’s a true wordsmith who approaches even mundane and challenging topics creatively, and always looks for opportunities to turn everything – from ordinary writing tasks to large-scale projects – into something that’s unique and memorable. She’s also friendly, reliable and professional, which makes her a pleasure to work with.”
“Noya is a highly versatile copywriter who’s a stickler for ‘the little details’ (which I really appreciate) and I love her attitude of always going the extra mile to exceed my expectations. She’s also highly experienced, and I appreciate her guidance on how to approach certain writing projects so that they nail our business goals in the most effective way. I love working with Noya because I know that once I’ve handed off a writing task to her, I can ‘forget about it’ and get on with everything else on my plate, knowing she’ll deliver top-notch copy every time.”
Yael Eckstein
Yael Eckstein
Marketing Director,
StageOne Ventures
Chen Dembo
Senior Director of Marketing,
“Working with Noya feels like having an outsourced team member I can rely on to always have our best interest at heart and present us with our best foot forward, whether writing a social media post or website copy. She’s also an experienced marketer with a great understanding of startup challenges and priorities, so I benefit not just from her stellar writing skills, but also from all sorts of other useful promotional tips.”
“I love working with Noya because she’s such a versatile writer. She takes the time to understand her clients’ business goals and learn about their industry and competitors to create messaging that will resonate with our target audience most effectively. Whether she’s writing video scripts, website copy, blogs or social media posts – she’s always conscious of what we’re trying to do, and she proactively suggest improvements and ideas to ensure our copy is optimized for maximum impact. She’s also super-reliable and a joy to work with!”
Gil Selka
Gil Selka
Co-Founder & Co-CEO,

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