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How to add instant oomph to your Email Marketing

How to add instant 'oomph' to your Emails.

This free, 7-part E-course (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) includes lessons “in situ” (that means the lesson is demonstrated in the email itself) and/or nuggets of wisdom or inspiration you can apply in your own emails to give it some added oomph. It’s my way of saying ‘Thanks’ for joining my mailing list 🙂

Email Metrics Lovin': Fall in LURVE with Email Analytics

In this E-book (exclusive to my newsletter subscribers) you’ll meet the most popular Email metrics and learn how understanding each one of them more… umm, ‘intimately’ – can help you improve your Email Marketing efforts.
Why Content Creators Need to Up Their Game to Stand Out in a Crowded Online Landscape (+ 9 Ideas to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing)

Why content creators need to (really) up their game to stand out in a crowded online landscape.

(+ 9 ideas to get creative with your content)

In this E-book, I’ll go through four important things to keep in mind before you start creating a new piece of content, and I’ll share nine ideas for approaching content creation creatively.

12 Tips for writing FOMO headlines your readers won't be sorry they clicked on.

In this E-book I talk about why it’s so important to nail your headlines, and share 12 techniques I use to write FOMO headlines readers won’t be sorry they clicked on.
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